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Salads and Appetizers to start your meal off right.


Yakitori 6.95

Chicken on skewer

Gyoza 7.95


Shumai 6.50

Seafood dumplings

Panko Scallops 6.95

4 pcs.

Edamame 5.95

Cooked soy beans

Oshitashi 6.50

Lightly cooked spinach with sauce

Hiyayakko 5.95

Chilled tofu topped with bonito green and grated ginger

Agedashi Tofu  6.95

Deep fried bean cake with lightly seasoned sauce

Ika Tempura 10.95

Deep fried squid

Ikayaki 11.95

Broiled whole Calamari with teriyaki sauce

EBI Tempura 6.50

Deep fried shrimp

Combo Tempura 8.95

Deep fried shrimp & vegetables

Vegetable Tempura 7.95

Deep fried vegetables

Fried Oysters 7.95

Soft Shell Crab 12.95

Deep fried crab with light vinegar sauce

Big Combo 14.95

Shumai, Gyoza, Tempura and Yakitori

Chicken Karage 8.95

Japanese chicken nuggets

Kabayaki 14.95

barbecued freshwater eel

Moriwase 14.95

4 pieces of sushi combination and CA Roll

Combo Sashimi 15.95

7 pcs.

Tuna Sashimi 16.95

7 pcs.

Hamachi Sashimi 16.95

7 pcs.

Sake Sashimi 15.95

7 pcs.

Fresh Salads

Hawaiian Tuna Salad 15.95

Mxed greens & seared Tuna slices with house dressing

Poki Salad 10.50

Marinated spicy Tuna w/Wakame salad

Sunomono 6.95

Ebi, Tako or Kani with cucumber and sweet vinegar dressing

Wakame Salad 5.95

Seasoned seaweed salad

Chicken Salad 12.95

Broiled seasoned chicken with mixed greens

California Seafood Salad 16.95

Baby shrimp, jumbo shrimp, crab meat & avocado with house dressing

Half Organic Salad 5.50

Full Organic Salad 7.95

Side Orders

Steamed Rice 2.50

Brown Rice 3.00

Soup  2.50

Teriyaki Sauce (3 oz.) 1.50

Salad 2.95