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Special Rolls XX

Please call for prices and selections.
We offer a wonderful assortment of catering options for 2 to 200 people.
Sushi Trays • Vegetable Platters • Tempura Nigiri / Maki • Salads • and more!
 / Special Rolls XX


Rainbow Roll

Spicy Aloha Roll

spicy Tuna, cucumber wrapped w/
Albacore Tuna and avacado w/sauce

Hot Tuna Maki

Spicy Tuna in a roll – HOT!

Creamy Spicy Tuna Roll

With creamy sauce – Mild

Cu Kani Maki

4 pcs. crab, Tobiko and eel
with cucumber wrapped

Spider Maki

4 pcs. deep fried soft shell crab maki)

Tempura Maki

4pcs. deep fried shrimp, asparagus,
avocado, cucumber with special sauce)

Gogo Roll

Spicy crab and shrimp tempura
and avacado topped w/crunch and sauce

Spicy Crunchy Crab Roll

Poki Maki

Spicy Tuna roll with seaweed salad on top

Godzilla Roll

Spicy Tuna Tempura w/our special
spicy sauce topped w/Tobiko and green onions) HOT!

Pizza Handroll

Cooked Mirugai with cucumber & avocado

Dill Salmon

Marinated dill weed

Tiger Eye

Cooked squid and Salmon

Golden Eye

Ccallop, Tuna and Tobiko

Super California

CA roll with real crab meat and Unagi
on top

Crazy Horse

Albacore Tuna, cucumber and avocado
w/creamy sauce

Lion King

CA roll with Salmon wrapped and baked
w/special sauce

Baked Green Mussel


Crazy Monkey

Tobiko, Hamachi, Salmon, Unagi
and cucumber

Tuna Dynamite

Albacore with white sauce


Choice of Tuna, Sake, Hamachi or Hirame


Deep fried shrimp roll & Unagi w/special sauce

Sea Steak

Seared Ahi or Albacore Tuna with ponzu sauce
and garlic – no rice

Rock’n Roll

Eel, avocado, cucumber and Hamachi

Tempura Tuna

Deep fried Tuna, 4 pieces with eel sauce

Kani Dynamite

Real crab meat, avocado, eel handroll

Dragon Roll

Deep fried prawns, Unagi, avocado
and cucumber w/special sauce)

Philadelphia Roll

Smoked Salmon with
cream cheese and avocado)

Caterpillar Roll

Spicy crab, Unagi wrapped
w/avacado topped w/our special sauce

Crispy Roll

Tuna, salmon, hamachi, avocado deep fried
with sauce

Cherry Blossom

Salmon, avocado, wrapped with tuna)

Island Roll

Deep fried shrimp and cucumber wrapped with
salmon and sauce

Tomato Sushi

Tuna and spicy scallop without seaweed – HOT!

Lambada Roll

Tuna, salmon wrapped with avocado, topped
with tobiko and spicy sauce

Devil Roll

Ebi tempura, spicy tuna wrapped with tobiko
crunchy and sauce

Love Roll

Deep fried shrimp, spicy crab and cucumber
topped with scallop, avocado and sauce